Therapy Laser

Therapy Laser

This treatment option involves the use of a Class IV laser made by Companion Therapy Systems. Its mode of action involves the generation of laser light energy focused over the area of pain and/or injury. Laser light is highly absorbed by the skin and subcutaneous tissues, allowing deep penetration of the light to the level of injury.

The power of the Class IV laser allows deeper penetration (to deep back muscles for instance) and shorter duration of the time to treat the affected area. Most treatments take anywhere from 2-10 minutes per side and the treatment requires no anesthesia or sedation for your pet. In most cases, your pet will actually enjoy the treatment, as the laser produces a warm sensation as the rolling ball is moved over the treated area.

So how does laser therapy work?

Laser light, at the proper wavelength and power output, creates tissue changes at the cellular level.

Clinical studies have shown the following biological benefits to laser therapy:

  • Increased blood flow to the area- this is of benefit to aid healing. All healing requires adequate blood flow to the site of injury and laser light has been clinically proven to increase blood flow into laser-treated areas.
  • Increases ATP production at the cellular level – ATP, the power source used by cells to function, is increased in affected tissues, by increasing mitochondrial function. This essentially speeds up metabolism at the treated site, resulting in faster tissue healing.
  • Reduces pain- Current studies show that desensitization of nerve endings by the laser light is the predominant biological reason we see many of our patients show improved pain scores in a little as 1-2 treatments. Laser light also is a powerful cue for the body to release endorphins, the body’s naturally occurring pain hormones.

We have used laser for many medical conditions, including arthritis pain, degenerative joint and disc diseases, hip dysplasia, wound healing, non-resolving ear infections, and burns, to name a few.

If you feel that your pet may benefit from our therapy laser, give us a call for a consultation.

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