Northwood Animal Hospital provides a wide range of options for cancer patients.

We also work closely with referral centers and specialists to help find the best treatment for your pet. While finding out that your pet has cancer can be a very scary and confusing time, we do our best to help you find answers, make decisions and let you obtain the best options for you and your pet.

When a tumor is found, we will often recommend surgical removal and histopathology (biopsy) to help identify the type of mass. If malignant cancer is diagnosed, we can then consult with veterinary oncologists and provide chemotherapy options at our facility or refer you to a specialist, depending on the case.

Chemotherapy for pets is different than for humans. Our goal is to give you as much time with your pet as possible, while carefully monitoring their quality of life. Because veterinary oncology focuses more on quality than quantity of life, chemotherapy protocols are tailored to combat cancer while minimizing side effects. Most pets do not lose their fur, experience persistent nausea or become weak as many human patients do. The majority of our chemotherapy patients continue to run, play and enjoy their lives even while undergoing treatment for their cancer.

Veterinary cancer treatments have come a long way over recent years and can provide anywhere from months to years of extended quality life for your pet. Though some of our cancer patients can be cured, many of these pets will eventually experience a recurrence of their cancer. When that time comes, we strive to provide counseling and therapy options and offer home hospice care of ailing pets, helping to make their last days as peaceful and painless as possible.

If you find a lump or mass on your pet or have any other concerns about cancer in your pet, please call to schedule an appointment. The sooner this disease process is detected, the better the chance for recovery.

Additionally, please ask us about our participation in Relay for Life – striving to raise funds for cancer research and cures – and how you can help.

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