Dentistry/ Oral Surgery

Dentistry/ Oral Surgery

Detailed oral examinations are performed on all pets being treated at our facility. Our doctors and technicians work together to identify any problems and establish a treatment course for your pet.

A dental cleaning is scheduled and is typically an outpatient procedure. Your pet is anesthetized and is then monitored by our anesthetist during the procedure. Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse oximetry, ECG, and core body temp are all constantly assessed to ensure your pet’s safety.

The dental cleaning procedure begins with a detailed oral exam, accomplished by thorough probing of the teeth and charting of any abnormalities noted. An ultrasonic scaler is used to remove any calculus and tartar from the teeth and a manual curette (scaler) is then used to clean beneath the gum line. A polishing follows (to smooth any enamel defects) and Oravet (sealant) is then applied along the gumline of all teeth.

Any problems noted during the exam are then addressed by a doctor. Digital x-rays are taken in most cases of dental disease and the findings used to help decide the appropriate treatment course.

The doctor will call you if any problems are found and discuss with you the procedures advised to correct the issues at hand.

Most pets, even with those requiring oral surgery, will typically be discharged the same day. Your pet’s doctor will give you specific details on home care to follow in the event of any of the above. We typically advise a small meal the night after any oral procedure. Softening of food with water or feeding a canned diet can be especially helpful if the patient had severe gingivitis or extractions performed.

Home care will be discussed with you at your pet’s discharge and any recommendations to prevent future problems will be covered.

If you have any questions about your pet’s dental care, please feel free to contact us to discuss the situation.


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