Pet Pain Management – Tallahassee, Florida

Human studies have shown that patients whose pain is well controlled will heal more quickly and easily, therefore at Northwood Animal Hospital we are committed to insuring that each and every patient is kept pain-free.


All routine surgical patients are started on two different types of pain medications prior to surgery and sent home with medications if there is any possibility they will be uncomfortable.

More invasive surgeries (such as declaws, orthopedic or oncologic procedures) will be kept on continuous rate infusions of injectable pain medications during and after the surgery.

We also utilize nerve blocks and local anesthetics for many common dental procedures as well as declaws and miscellaneous orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. In addition, because we are a 24 hour care facility we can safely administer CRIs of pain medications to patients who are painful following trauma or orthopedic or other disease.