Tallahassee, Florida Pet Boarding

Northwood Animal Hospital provides on site boarding
for your pet while you are away.


Listed below are some of the included amenities:

  • Indoor, air conditioned kennel area. Comprised of rooms with large runs for the dogs and stainless steel kennels for the smaller dogs and cats.
  • Facility is staffed 24 hours a day, helping meet all of your pet’s requirements while you are away.
  • Doctor on call for any emergencies which may arise.
  • Large outdoor runs (4′ X 20′) where dogs are allowed during the day.
  • Fenced outdoor enclosure where dogs are taken for additional, off the leash, playtime sessions. These sessions are one-on-one with one of our trained Technician Assistants and allow your dog to burn some excess energy off during their stay. Additional fee applies.
  • After hour pickup on weekdays, limited after hour pickup on weekends.