Pet Behavior Consultation

Behavioral issues are one of the most common reasons
that pets are relinquished to animal shelters.


Dr. Sondra Brown has been offering behavior consultations for dogs and cats since 2003. She has extensive continuing education in this area, including the North American Veterinary Conference Postgraduate Institute in Behavior Medicine Level I in 2002 and Level 2 in 2004.

Though Dr. Brown is not a licensed behaviorist, these intensive training courses bridge the gap between the limited behavior medicine taught in veterinary school and board certification in behavioral medicine. She has treated a variety of cases, including inappropriate elimination problems in cats, separation anxiety in dogs, and aggression problems in both dogs and cats. Behavioral medicine is not a quick fix. It takes time and dedication on the part of the owner to manage these issues.

Many behavior problems are like chronic medical conditions that require long term care. If your pet is exhibiting unwanted behaviors that you would like to address, please contact Dr. Brown to schedule an appointment.