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Companion Animal Rescue Endeavor

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Adopt a friend


The Companion Animal Rescue Endeavor is one of the programs we are most proud of.

Northwood Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital that is committed to helping as many sick and injured animals as they can with the non-profit we work with called CARE. CARE was officially founded in November 2012 as a non-profit organization. CARE works graciously with Northwood Animal Hospital to provide its animals with their wellness care, medical treatments, and surgery. These CARE animals are brought in as strays or are surrendered by their owners who can no longer care for them. All CARE animals receive any treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation they need until they are healthy enough to be adopted into their forever homes. This can include anything from orthopedic or soft tissue surgery to severe dermatological problems! All CARE animals are spayed or neutered, microchipped, checked for intestinal parasites, and up to date on all vaccines prior to adoption. All cats are tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV, and all dogs are heartworm negative at the time of adoption. Their adoption fees are $75 for cats and $100 for dogs. They require that all pets they adopt out be spayed or neutered prior to adoption if they are old enough or that a deposit be left to ensure they will be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age. CARE receives a lot of kittens coming through its doors and they don’t always have time to list them individually so feel free to call and check on who’s up for adoption.We encourage you to come in and meet CARE animals during business hours (7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am to noon on Saturday). Just inquire at the front desk and we’d be happy to help. Once you’ve found the pet of your dreams, you’ll be asked to sign an adoption contract which stipulates you’ll be a responsible pet owner and to provide proof of home ownership or a lease allowing pets. If the pet isn’t old enough to be spayed or neutered yet, we require that they be spayed or neutered within three months of the time of adoption. When your adoption has been approved, one of our doctors will do an exam on the adoptee and make sure that they are healthy, have their necessary vaccines, are microchipped, are dewormed and flea-free. When your adoptee is ready to go, the doctor or technician will talk with you and let you know what to expect from the newest member of your family.

Want to show that you CARE? Contact us today to find out information on volunteering or use the link below to make a donation.